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Jujika Cowl Using Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Jujika Cowl Using Brooklyn Tweed Loft

“A mosaic of tessellating crosses.”

From Brooklyn Tweed's first printed book, Capsule, Olga Buraya-Kefelian brings us this playful accessorya cowl that gives you a chance to experiment with color! Worked in the round width-wise, a large color coded chart will walk you through this pattern. Once you are finished, both ends of your "tube" will graft together beginning and end live stitches. Book includes specific instructions on trapping floats in colorwork, crocheted provisional cast on, different techniques for binding off, as well as a brief discussion in Color Dominance in knitting.

Olga, daughter of a professional tailor, acquired her understanding of clothing construction from an early age, and lived in Japan while developing this pattern. Is it the tile-work from her metro ride that we see here?

Pick up the book and your yarn below. We've put together 8 colorways here; each colorway contains 4 skeins total, 2 each of both colors.  But you can get creative and make your own on the Brooklyn Tweed Loft page.  (Please note that if you don't see the book below, that means we are temporarily sold out. But we'll have more again soon, so please check back!)

CAPSULE: Olga Buraya-Kefelian for Brooklyn Tweed; soft cover book; 128 pages; 8 designs; Printed in the USA.

COLORWAY: Cinnabar-Woodsmoke. (4 skeins included)

COLORWAY: Fossil-Sweatshirt. (4 skeins included)

COLORWAY: Hayloft-Snowbound. (4 skeins included)

COLORWAY: Embers-Plume. (4 skeins included)

COLORWAY: Tartan-Snowbound. (4 skeins included)

COLORWAY: Postcard-Cast Iron. (4 skeins included)

COLORWAY: Homemade Jam-Foothills. (4 skeins included)

COLORWAY: Fossil-Birdbook. (4 skeins included)



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