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Crocheted 'Linen-Stitch' Scarf & Loop Pattern

Crocheted 'Linen-Stitch' Scarf & Loop Pattern

“Converts many a knitter to crochet.”

Linen stitch is so brilliant—the way the stitch pattern mingles and pixelates a hand-dyed yarn just thrills knitters. But why should knitters have all the fun? Enter our friend Sandra, who shared a crochet stitch with us that has the same effect. We fell in love! Unlike its knitted cousin, crocheted ‘linen stitch’ is utterly reversible—doubly brilliant!

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Digital Crocheted 'Linen Stitch' Scarf & Loop pattern. (Download)

Printed Crocheted 'Linen Stitch' Scarf & Loop pattern. (Requires shipping.)





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