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Alchemy Haiku

Alchemy Haiku

Alchemy Haiku

When you touch Alchemy Haiku, it will be abundantly clear that artist Gina Wilde is foremost a knitter. This luxurious silk/mohair lace-weight yarn feels like heaven and lends an exquisitely soft halo to anything you strand it with. The carefully layered color progressions are subtle—no jumpy stripes.

60% mohair, 40% silk; 25g, 325 yds (297m).
Gentle hand-wash in cool water.

COLOR: 07C Sugar Mountain. A sweet hazy progression of purples. From dusky lavender to rich royal plum.

COLOR: 25C Aubergine. More wine than eggplant. Bright clear Pinot, to warm Merlot, to deep chewy Syrah.

COLOR: 114C Mighty Redwood. Dripping dusky evergreens with luminous moss. And just a titch of russet bark.

COLOR: 153C Spider Orchid. Hazy shades of turquoise, slate green and pewter.

COLOR: 179C Dark Star. Deep browns and plums spiced with burnished gold.

COLOR: 141A Wysteria. A pale, silvery lavender.

COLOR: Hwy 1. Burnished bronze, amber and shades of blue from sky to sea.

COLOR: Pablo's Solace. Glowing lavender, violet and mauve.

COLOR: Diamonda. A lustrous string of pearls, from cream to platinum to smoke.

COLOR: Barnwood. Warm and weathered browns, from deep bark to amber.

COLOR: San Francisco Sky. Blue and fog, with storm clouds brewing.

COLOR: Ace of Spades. Smudgy black, with deep navy and smoke.

COLOR: Forest Waltz. Dappled shade on ferns and moss.

COLOR: Clarita. Shades of reds, from intense orangey-red to deepest plummy wine.

COLOR: Agate. Tealy blues, earthy browns, taupe, soft sky.



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