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Horn Shawl Pins

Horn Shawl Pins

"One-of-a-kind hornware."

These extraordinary shawl pins are hand constructed in a workshop in Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark, using techniques nearly 200 years old. With these lovely pins, you add a touch of beauty to your wardrobe—hand-knit and otherwise!

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and, because of the natural color variations in the horn, may not look exactly like the photo. Not only that, but your pin’s color will vary as you move through different light.

Hornvarefabrikken is a company that started in the moorlands of Denmark’s far west. They have been making horn housewares and embellishments since 1935—this means they have over 80 years experience with unique hornware, their craft surviving two economic crises and a World War all due to the great ambitions of one visionary entrepreneur.

STYLE: Spiral shawl stick.

STYLE: Knot shawl stick.

STYLE: Curl pin.

STYLE: Twist pin.

STYLE: Horn ring with dark stick.

STYLE: Horn ring with light stick.

STYLE: Horn safety pin.



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