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Woolly Wee Sheep Kit Using Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift

Woolly Wee Sheep Kit Using Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift

"Your very own handknit herd!"

Every knitter dreams of having their own sheep! Well, these handknit friends, created by Freshy Millsap, are a wee bit easier to care for than a real herd. Choose stockinette or garter stitch for fleecy variety—and knit your own flock!

We knit the tiny version of our Woolly Wee Sheep in Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift—a fingering-weight yarn spun from 100% Shetland wool. Shorn from a diminutive breed of sheep that’s adapted to the rugged Shetland Isles in the North Sea, it’s springy, lofty, and lightweight—perfect for your very own handknit herd.

Each Woolly Wee Sheep kit gives you everything you need for a wee flock of ten to twelve tiny sheep (the Woolly Wee Sheep pattern is sold separately). The kit includes three colors of yarn for your sheep’s body, legs, and head, two skeins of Appleton Crewel Wool—one red and one green—for the bell tie, darning needle, threader, and two packs of six wee, jingling bells.

Digital Woolly Wee Sheep pattern. (Download)

Printed Woolly Wee Sheep pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Pack of 6 bells, darning needle, and threader.

Appleton Crewel - Red.

Appleton Crewel - Green.

Woolly Wee Sheep Kit: Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift Version.





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