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Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler Using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler Using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

"Colorways from Jared Flood!"

In a visit to Oregon, Kit sat down with Brooklyn Tweed’s Jared Flood. Together, they created this graphic, colorblocked version of our Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler. The clean, classic finish we know and love takes on a look reminiscent of a Mondrian canvas. Timelessly modern!

Kit and Jared carefully selected a number of colorways in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, one of our favorite woolen-spun yarns. Worsted-weight and spun from 100% Wyoming-grown Targhee-Columbia fleece, Shelter is multi-talented. Not only does it have beautiful stitch definition, it achieves a characteristic lofty spring—perfect in this woolly cap and muffler!

Digital Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler pattern. (Download)

Free Digital Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Adaptation. (Download)

Printed Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLORWAY: May Marl. 2 skeins each of Narwhal and Cast Iron, and 1 skein of Cinnabar.

COLORWAY: Blue Gold. 2 skeins each of Old World and Flannel, and 1 skein of Hayloft.

COLORWAY: Peat Moss. 2 skeins each of Pumpernickel and Meteorite, and 1 skein of Yellowstone.

COLORWAY: Coast. 2 skeins each of Fossil and Woodsmoke, and 1 skein of Iceberg.

COLORWAY: Berry Pie. 2 skeins each of Trufflehunt and Caribou, and 1 skein of Homemade Jam.

COLORWAY: Red Stripe. 2 skeins each of Soot and Nest, and 1 skein of Camper.

COLORWAY: Begrudge. 2 skeins each of Plume and Artifact, and 1 skein of Postcard.

NEW COLORWAY: Lagoon. 2 skeins each of Fossil and Iceberg, and 1 skein of Tartan.

NEW COLORWAY: Atlas. 2 skeins each of Cast Iron and Newsprint, and 1 skein of Almanac.

NEW COLORWAY: Magma. 2 skeins each of Caraway and Soot, and 1 skein of Embers.





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